Monday, 22 October 2012

Pinjaman Pribadi Khusus untuk Kakitangan Kerajaan Sahaja

Kepada mana-mana Kakitangan Kerajaan yang layak....
Pinjaman Pribadi dari CIMB mencapai RM200,000!!!
Maklumat & temujanji:-

En Shah Ronny


Latest SmartCCTV System to Stop Break-in, Theft, Internal Sabotage, and Fire Disaster

Dear Business Owner,

Have you calculated how much it will cost you if your office/shops/factory were broken into?
Goods are stolen from warehouse due to a broken CCTV?  Or a fire disaster that could have been prevented?

The most recent break-in at a goldsmith in Melaka could have been prevented and the loss
of RM350,000 worth of jewellery could have been avoided if NuTACT SmartCCTV System were installed.

NuTACT's latest Preventive Surveillance solution can help save you from going through such tragedies,
which the conventional CCTV cannot provide.  Be safe and be a smart consumer.
See how NuTACT's solution helps to stop break-in in this video

Multi-site monitoring allows you to monitor all your retail stores or branches just with
a single login to your own portal with a browser.  Alternately, your IPhone/ IPAD/Android
can also be your remote monitoring device on the move.
See how NuTACT's solution helps with user access control to monitor multiple sites in this video

Last but not least, NuTACT SmartCCTV prevents sabotage of the surveillance system from inside job.
See how NuTACT's solution helpts to prevent insider sabotage in this video

Good Surveillance records Break-in and Theft.  NuTACT SmartCCTV prevents them.