Friday, 3 February 2012

Single Storey 22' x 65' in Lukut Makmur, Linggi, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

This is a Project Fully Developed with CF since 2010.
Consists of 499 units of various types of houses where only 299 units are Single Storey type.
The Project is secured & handled till completed under the supervision of SPNB (A subsidiary of MOF).
Lukut Makmur is located only 1 km away from Port Dickson town & only 5 km away from PD Beach.
This makes Lukut Makmur an ideal Residential area as a second Family Home or even for Homestay operators to earn an additional extra income in Tourist Attraction Destination.

With a minimal investment & a unique budget prices, all the houses here makes every 2nd Home or even a Homestay Homes at no risk of ownership investment.
Even this area can also be a good investment for every Government Departments, Private Sectors, Banking Sectors to seek ownership of these said residential homes as an Investement with good future Re-sale value as what we dream of.

All the units carries Freehold title where nowadays, not many Housing Scheme carries that.
With lots of Non Bumi Units here, makes every Malaysian can come foward to the Sound Investment to be consider.

For the Single Storey of 22' x 65', each unit comes with a built-up of 900sf in size.
With 3 rooms & 2 baths makes this house a unique residential home better than apartments.
With also an extra land area frontage, makes an easy parking space for 2 cars.

Pricings starts from only RM99,980 for all intermediate units & till RM195,448 maximum for Corner Units.
Since this is under Developer's unsold units, the Developer (SPNB) have agree to compensate some special purchase rebates to any successful purchaser as below:-
- A rebate of RM5,000 to any buyers from the existing selling price given (a good rebate for all Bumi & Non Bumi).
- A rebate of an additional 10% Bumiputera discount to all Bumi buyers (not many units left)
- All SPA & Legal Fees to be absorb by SPNB (Savings of more than RM3+++ to all purchasers)
- All SPA Price shall be at Opened selling price (discounts shall not be stated within... better profit for future sell back).
- 100% Purchasing Loan to all Government Loans or any Corporate Bodies shall be assisted (all the paid booking fees shall be refunded full during Handling Keys).

Booking starts with a minimum of 1% of the Sale price
- RM250 during booking
- Balance upon signing SPA

Whatever successful loan received, balance of the total downpayment shall be counted after all discounts given which makes the purchaser pay lesser than 10% of the booking fees in total.

So, if you may need me to any selecting of units, please do Contact me:-
Mr Putra
IEC Properties E(3)1240
03-41475184 (fax)

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